Delicious and creative, still traditional cakes. You have an idea, I’ll bake it for you!
Dee Hamori

Welcome to my page!

If someone asks me why I make cakes, I will answer: I love making them. Homemade cakes require careful preparation, and a high degree of concentration, talent, and patience. The raw materials are carefully selected and all my cakes are prepared individually and lovingly. I do it in order to make my clients satisfied. I eagerly look forward to my customers' opinion that is very important for me. The money you spend on my products will buy you professional and excellent culinary experience. Maybe supermarkets offer cheaper cakes, but I can make amazing, delicious, special ones


How to make a cake? Like everything else in life. Wholeheartedly and with all your soul because it has a meaning, a symbol. Each and every cake is a miracle that I decorate with all my heart, hope, best intentions and with playfulness of colours. I make every cake with my colourful soul and inherent sweetness of love.

I am a Multi Award-Winning creator of homemade cakes, cupcakes and other baked treats.
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